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MotoGP, Petrucci: "In KTM when I ask for something, they don't take me for crazy"

“In Jerez I will be more comfortable, KTM will give me a new seat, which will allow me to stress the front less. It’s a receptive environment, the team has listened carefully to my indications "

MotoGP: Petrucci: "In KTM when I ask for something, they don't take me for crazy"


MotoGP is arriving in Jerez and Danilo Petrucci has a desire to get his season back on track. In fact, the KTM rider aims to put aside the difficulties of the beginning of the season and take the right direction on the RC16.

For him, the team has worked hard these weeks, so much so that it has met his needs in order to find more confidence with the bike. All this he confirmed in the interviews on Thursday afternoon.

“Here at Jerez we will bring some new things - Petrucci said - we have concentrated on finding the best stability in the saddle, obviously working on weight distribution. The team has listened carefully to my indications and in fact we will have some new pieces, such as a seat that will guarantee me better comfort ”.

The rider from Terni then went into further detail.

"KTM has worked to guarantee greater comfort on the bike, so I will have a wider seat, which will allow me to sit further back, in order not to stress the front too much. Already tomorrow I will try it to see what my feelings will be ".

At Jerez, the goal is therefore to immediately turn the page and start again…

“This is a good track for us as the bike has to be agile and the RC16 has these characteristics. We will also have the opportunity to test again on Monday, in view of Le Mans and Mugello, two tracks where I have won and I want to do well. At the moment, however, we are struggling in terms of top speed, but on this track there are no long straights and this can be an aspect that works in our favour. Personally I have good feelings ”.

Petrucci’s face gives the impression of confidence and serenity, the result of the team trying to satisfy him…

“When I ask KTM things, they don't take me for crazy, despite the fact that my size is not like that of other riders. But I am the only rider of the four to have ridden other bikes and my judgments are real. We are working hard to be competitive and the tests on Monday will be more important than ever. The environment has been receptive to understanding what I wanted and we are helping each other to solve the problem, avoiding too much stress on the front tyre ".

One final point concerns the tyres, against which Mir pointed a finger, because the ones brought by Michelin for the weekend are considered too hard.

“This aspect could work in our favour, seeing as in the previous GPs we had too soft tyres. Fortunately it will not be as hot as last year and for us it will be a great opportunity, even if first of all we will have to understand the conditions, despite the fact that the rear tyre will be softer than usual ”.


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