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MotoGP, Enea Bastianini: “I stop too long in corners, I have to let go of the brakes

“Tomorrow, if I work well, I could make it through Q1 first then enter Q2. It’ll be difficult but possible. Marquez didn’t surprise me today. He’s formidable, and you can expect anything from him.”

MotoGP: Enea Bastianini: “I stop too long in corners, I have to let go of the brakes

Enea Bastianini didn’t finish with the result he would have expected but with a twentieth fastest time. The track conditions were not the best for a first approach with a MotoGP on the Portimão roller coaster. #23 will be busy tomorrow in recuperating a perfect lap that will allow him to enter the Q2.

Today didn’t go as I hoped. It was a difficult first day, but I enjoyed it,” is how Enea summed up his  day. “I didn’t expect to have to put in all this effort. This track is fantastic in the MotoGP. I’ll definitely have to improve for tomorrow. I’ll have to improve the time attack. The tires went quite well. With the medium in front, I felt better. I’ll have to progress in terms of set-up with the team and, as far as I’m concerned, with the  trajectories. It changes a lot compared to the Moto2. It’s a new track, and it’ll take time. Luca was among the fastest today but, until he followed someone, he was also having trouble.

Did you get the chance to follow someone?
At the beginning, yes. I followed Pol Espargarò, then I found Miller. But, in the end, when it came to the time attack, I didn’t find anyone. On this track, it’s important to have a lead because it can make you drop an important tenth.”

Is it realistic to think about getting in the Q2 tomorrow?
Difficult but possible. If I work well, and if I’m able to take a big step forward, I could do it. Maybe I’ll go through the Q1, and then I’ll get into the Q2. It’s important to get into it. I’ll try in every way possible.

Did the track conditions affect your performance?
Yes, we certainly didn’t ride in the best conditions this morning. Entering this track for the first time and finding all those patches was not easy. I was  quite calm and cautious, trying to figure out how the tires work, because I had never ridden in these conditions. In the FP2, I improved and got quite better."

What did you think after seeing Marquez’s times on the track?
It was terrific. After a year off, being in the top ten, I think he worked a lot during the winter and prepared to get here at his best. He didn’t surprise me much.You can expect anything from him.

What’s the main problem?
For now it’s letting go of the brake and covering the distance. I stop too long in the corners. I have to find a solution in that area there. If I can fix it, time decreases a lot.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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