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MotoGP, Alzamora on Marquez: "We had doubts, we feared his career was over"

VIDEO - "After nine months and three operations, it's normal to think about certain things. But now we know that there's no such risk, and he'll be the same as before. He feels good on the bike. He's only a bit weak."

MotoGP: Alzamora on Marquez:

Emilio Alzamora is probably the person who's been closest to Marc Marquez in the past nine months away from the tracks. The Spanish manager has been in constant contact with his protégé, closely following a path, that at one point, seemed so difficult as to risk discouraging even the most incurable of optimists. But Marc's return to his bike dispelled any doubt. Alzamora spoke about the situation yesterday with his colleagues in SKY, reassuring everyone about the Spanish champion's condition.

Here's the video with his statements.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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