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MotoGP, Capirossi and Uncini in Indonesia to see the circuit... runway

A Dorna delegation flew to Lombok where work is continuing not only on the new circuit, but also to adapt the airport to the arrival of cargo for MotoGP

MotoGP: Capirossi and Uncini in Indonesia to see the circuit... runway


The Mandalika circuit in Indonesia is included in the 2021 MotoGP calendar as a reserve race. In truth, the track does not yet exist, construction work is proceeding but is still far from being completed. Just over a month ago, the organizers said they were at 58%. However, Indonesia wants to host its GP and a Dorna delegation, including Franco Uncini and Loris Capirossi, flew from Qatar to Lombok, the island on which the track will be built.

As reported by the website, Uncini and Capirossi were able to check the work on the track… but also on the runway. In fact, it is not enough to have a fully functional circuit, but it is also necessary to bring motorcycles and equipment by plane and the island's airport did not have a runway on which the cargo used by MotoGP for trips outside Europe could land. The landing strip will as a result be lengthened, taking it from the current 2,750 meters to 3,300. The cargo terminal will also be expanded and a direct road access will be created in order to speed up logistics operations. The work at the airport should be completed by September, but work is underway day and night so that the runway will be operational by June.

While they wait to see the track where the MotoGP will race, Franco and Loris were also able to admire where everyone will land.

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