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Amazon working on a series dedicated to MotoGP

Shooting already started in Qatar. A documentary similar to “Drive to Survive”,  with the behind the scenes of Formula 1.

MotoGP: Amazon working on a series dedicated to MotoGP


“Drive to Survive” is a Netflix documentary dedicated to the Formula1 that has reached its third season. A series that shows the behind the scenes of what happens during a race weekend in the top racing categories. Soon we’ll see a very similar show dedicated to the MotoGP. Shooting started last weekend in Qatar.

This series will be broadcast by Amazon, and there are three crews working on it in the Qatar paddock. Everyone’s definitely really curious to discover what happens during the world championship and all the fans are probably really excited, as are the riders, judging by Franco Morbidelli.

I love this idea,” he commented. “I really liked the F1 documentary because it shows different things than usual, what happens behind the scenes. I’m looking forward to something similar for the MotoGP as well, although I may not say the same when they shhot me during some difficult moments,” he said jokingly. “Apart from everything, I think’s good for the entertainment, for us riders and, of course, for the fans.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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