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SBK, Davies: "How fast I'll be will depend on Ducati's support"

“I am in a satellite team, but the more competitive I am, the more I will be treated like a factory rider. Unfortunately I didn’t have Honda’s wallet to keep Camier with me"

SBK: Davies: "How fast I'll be will depend on Ducati's support"


The last image of him on the track dates back to last October, on the occasion of the Estoril round, when he won the final race of the season with Aruba. Five months later we find him again on a Ducati, but that of Go Eleven. Gianni Ramello's team, thanks to the contribution of Aruba, Ducati and Feel Racing, managed to secure a rider of the calibre of Chaz Davies, surrounding whom there is no shortage of expectations.

At the end of the first day of testing, the Welshman finished in ninth position less than a second from the top.

"After a few months we are finally back on track - said Chaz - it is strange not to restart from what was my team for many years, namely Aruba, but I am still ready and confident. Go Eleven is certainly a different reality compared to the official team, in fact it is strange not to get into the motorhome, as well as not seeing the team members I was used to having at my side anymore ”.

The one with Go Eleven could be defined almost a sort of second life for him…

"The environment is nice, because there are so many passionate people who work hard and want to do well. Today I met some of the guys, we exchanged a few words and finally we went out on the track. The priority was first of all to find my Ducati and understand the sensations on the bike. In fact, the chronometer took a back seat, even if the time I set was not bad ”.

We are therefore wondering what has changed between the two teams…

"There is a great atmosphere here in Go Eleven, it's an open-minded group of people and it will be interesting to work with them. We can certainly aspire to obtain great results, even if my competitiveness on the track will depend on the support that Ducati and Aruba will give me. The stronger I am and the more I stay with the best, the more I will be treated like an official rider ”.

Chaz also had time for a comment about Leon Camier's new adventure as Honda team manager…

“Last year Leon was by my side at the Aragon race, helping me with his advice. Unfortunately I didn't have Honda's wallet to keep him with me (smiles), but I'm happy for this new opportunity. He obviously made the right choice, because a great challenge awaits him ”.

Finally, the Covid chapter, which forced him to skip the test two weeks ago in Misano…

“Too bad I wasn't there, but Covid prevented me. I tested positive for the swab, later I was negative. Personally, I didn't suffer much, even though once I came to the evening I felt tired ”.


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