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MotoGP, Petrucci: "I will struggle a bit in Qatar, but we will see the real KTM in Portimao"

"Even though I only know 1% of the bike, I'll try to show the real Petrucci this Sunday in the race. I weigh more than the other KTM riders and I'll have to find a solution"

MotoGP: Petrucci: "I will struggle a bit in Qatar, but we will see the real KTM in Portimao"


The acid test is awaiting Danilo Petrucci and KTM. The 2021 World Championship kicks off in Qatar and there is no shortage of expectation surrounding Tech 3’s new signing at work, on his debut with the RC16. In the tests two weeks ago Danilo was trying to find the right confidence on the Austrian bike, aware of the fact that there is still a long way to go.

"We are at the start of this adventure - he said - so there are a lot of things to improve, also thanks to the few days of tests we did. One of the aspects I worked on is the power to try and manage the bike, without having to resort to the electronics. I believe that thanks to the set-up we can take important steps forward, seeing as the work on the set-up helps with development ".

One of the aspects that has an effect is undoubtedly his weight and height…

“Unfortunately I am taller and weigh more than the other KTM riders and as a result I have to adapt. In fact, in the tests I suffered a lot on the main straight and in the one before the finish line, but by improving stability I could reduce the gap, as well as the wheelie. "

Danilo then compared the KTM with what was his old bike for six years: the Rossa from Borgo Panigale.

“The KTM is different from the Ducati, initially I expected a more complicated bike. Instead, the RC16 is easy to ride, among other things it has a smooth delivery, which will give us an advantage when we go to slippery tracks with tight corners and acceleration from a standstill. It is clear that after six years with the Ducati it is not easy to make a comparison with the KTM, where I am only at 1% of what I know, given the very few days of testing. "

For sure Petrucci does not want to lose heart…

“I'm working well and I'm confident. I don't want to make comparisons with the other riders, in fact I prefer to focus on myself and this was useful for adapting the bike and speeding up my learning curve. Personally I feel I’m still struggling a bit ".

Danilo's adventure with KTM is a stimulating one and there is no lack of ambition…

“I will do everything to show the real Petrucci as early as Sunday. Then there will be a series of races where I have always been competitive in the past. In fact, I mention the races in Europe, also because with this bike I realized that I can do well in high temperatures, which instead made me suffer in the past. I would say that Portimao and Jerez are two interesting tracks, even if my priority is to be already competitive in Qatar ”.

Speaking of Qatar, it won't be an easy weekend…

“Ever since I arrived in Qatar for testing, talking to the engineers, I have been told that Losail is not the best track for the quality of the RC16. We all know very well that this track is particular and the real season will take place in Europe, on tracks that best suit our characteristics. But I want to be confident, because the bike has an excellent delivery, even if I should be able to improve the braking when you put it sideways ".

For the weekend, aiming for the top slots will be complicated, so it’s better to go on the defensive…

“Losail will be my first race with KTM. I would like to be able to fight with the KTM riders like Binder and Oliveira, trying to stay close to them in the race and maybe even in front. If I were to succeed, it would not be a bad first approach. I know the path is long, there is a lot of work to do, but inside me I know that I can do well. At the same time, however, I would like to go and ride in Portimao, the track where Miguel won last year and see what my potential is ”.   


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