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MotoGP, Bastianini: "I would have liked to follow Stoner to learn how to ride the Ducati"

"He is my idol, now on the track I follow Miller because he has a similar style to mine. The Moto2 title belongs to the past but it helps me to think that in the future I will become strong here too"

MotoGP: Bastianini: "I would have liked to follow Stoner to learn how to ride the Ducati"


Enea Bastianini is not only the outgoing Moto2 champion, but also a very technically gifted and courageous rider. He is seen as one of the emerging riders in the category and for this Ducati has set its sights on him.

“I am happy to start this adventure and I will try to tackle it in the best way - declared Enea - I hope to have fun and I think there will be a lot of work to do and I’ll have to start slowly. I'd like to do something good right away but we have to stay focused and bring the results home ”.

What do you think you need to change to be better?

“I will have to learn from the best in MotoGP. I will need to follow the guys on the track, I think I will have to improve step by step, race after race. I will have to adapt my style to the category because it is completely different from Moto2. In Qatar 1 and Qatar 2 I'll see if I can go faster".

You went very fast in the tests, did you have the opportunity to compare your data with those of the other Ducati riders?

“Yes, I compared my data with those of some Ducati riders since there are six of us. Miller in my opinion is the best to follow because he rides in a similar way to me. The hardest thing for me now is to come off the brakes and when Jack lets go of the brakes he immediately opens the throttle. In Moto2 it's very different because if you open the throttle, you go off. For now it is the most difficult thing for me to understand and apply ”.

The rookies in recent years have always done very well since the start of the season. Do you think you can already be in the group of the top ten?

"I will try, at the moment the most important thing is to understand how the race works and the tyre wear. They told me that there is a lot of tactics involved so it will take time to adapt. Then maybe on Sunday I feel good and I can immediately fight for the positions that matter. I hope so, but I think it will take a while to get to the front ".

After all these months, what has remained of you becoming Moto2 World Champion?

"It belongs a bit to the past but it is something that will always be indelible for me. This thing makes me strong and helps me to do well. It makes me think that in the future I will be able to be strong also in MotoGP ”.

Make a comparison between the thrill of your first Moto3 race and the first one in MotoGP.

“I will never forget the thrill from my first time in Moto3 and I think not even tomorrow's. I can't wait for free practice to come".

When you were little you were very good at diving, what made you change direction?

“I had to make a decision that wasn't difficult. I chose bikes ”.

What do you expect from the first race and the first couple of laps?

“I don't know, I'll be able to tell you after the race. I think it will be strong emotions, especially seeing all the best riders lined up on the grid and me there in the middle ”.

Was your idol Stoner?

“Yes, unfortunately he stopped racing. I would have liked to have caught him on the track and watched how he rides this bike, even if it is no longer the bike of 2007 ”.



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