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MotoGP, VIDEO - Agostini: “Marquez has to race in Qatar and finish last”

The 15-time world champion spoke during the GPOne live broadcast: “It  would be the best training for him. All he has to do is think about having fun. When he’s 100% okay, he’ll win the title anyway.”

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The main topic on the GPOne live broadcast tonight was Marc Marquez’s possible return to the first race in Qatar, after having tested the Honda RC213V-S today in Barcelona, discussed with Carlo Pernat, live from Qatar, Paolo Scalera, and Matteo Aglio who, during the live broadcast (see full above), received a special phone call.

Giacomo Agostini was on the other end of the line, since he also wanted to participate in the discussion and speak on the subject.

Marquez has to race, but he has to promise to finish last,” the 15-time world champion said. “It would be a great workout for him after a year of not riding a 300 per hour motorcycle. He has to train and be happy to finish last. It’s a great workout, and he has to do it. His eye’s no longer used to it, so it has to compete, stay calm, and have fun.

Ago never suffered such a major injury in his career, but he still manages to put himself in Marc’s shoes.

I’ve never been at a standstill for that long,” he explained. “But I remember when I would race  in Emilia Romagna, there were still no tutors, and I’d go180 per hour in the car, and I felt like I was flying. After three days of racing with a 280 per hour bike, on Sunday evening, the odometer of my car would be at 240, and I felt like I was going at 160. We riders have to train our eye, which is what decides everything.  Marc hasn’t done it for a year. Doing motocross and going to the gym is important, but it’s more important to use the vehicle he races with. He has to get it into his head to not want to win, but to take a leisurely ride.

The question is whether Marquez will be able to do that.

If he puts that into his mind and understands that it’s right, when he’s 100% okay again, he’ll still win the World Championship. No excuses,” Agostini guaranteed. “It’s useless to risk to finish fourth or fifth. It’s best to finish last and then have a great race next time.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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