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MotoGP, Martin’s Vlog: “The Ducati isn’t a beast, I think it’s docile”

VIDEO – “There are many electronic controls that help you but, the first time I opened the throttle on the straight, I had to hold on to the handlebars.”

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Jorge Martin is not only a talented rider, but also an experienced Vlogger. So, to tell us about his MotoGP debut with the Pramac team’s Ducati, he made a video (see above) that collects all his first-time emotions. From his arrival at the hotel to the last day on the track, Martin kept a diary of the six days spent on the Losail circuit.

Of course, the strongest emotions were those of the first day: “A spectacle. It’s the best bike I’ve ever tried in my life,” He said happily.

It was an amazing day. I don’t know how to explain it. One of the best days of my life,” he kept going. “Everyone told me it was crazy, but the Ducati is a fairly docile bike. There are a thousand controls that help you. But when I first opened the throttle on the straight, I had to hold on to it because it moved me backwards. It’s not just about the power. The gears and brakes are incredible.

At the end of the first test, Jorge couldn’t be happier.

I lowered my time by four seconds from the first day. Fonsi Nieto helps me a lot on the track, and I already feel like the team is a family,” Pramac’s Spanish rider said. “I still have a lot of margin on the flying lap, and I did a fourteen-lap race simulation, which went very well. I also tried the start. Ducati has a device that makes the bike seem like a dragster!”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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