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MotoGP,  Mir: "I won’t use the new frame, it takes time to get the best out of its potential"

"It was a problem to lose today, I would have worked on the time attack". Rins: "I'm not hiding, the crowd at home will see two spectacular races"

MotoGP:  Mir: "I won’t use the new frame, it takes time to get the best out of its potential"


More than physically, the Qatar tests put a strain on Joan Mir on the mental side: "I'm not as tired as it may seem - the Spaniard pointed out - here in Qatar we really had a lot of things to try and mentally I'm a bit tried. It was challenging because there was no pause between testing the material, doing comparisons and working towards 2022. But all in all it's okay, this is my job ”.

The world champion therefore shrugged things off at the end of the tests in Qatar, despite the fact that he had expected something more, especially on this final day. The sandstorm weighed in heavily on the testing workplan.

"Unfortunately, this last day going up in smoke was a problem, I say so because today we were going to work on pure performance, but it was not possible due to the wind and the sand. In the previous days we focused on the development of the bike, some evaluations in view of 2022 and the testing of the material. Today should have been the key day for the performance, but we didn't do anything. Too bad, it would have been perfect to go home after lapping again today, but it wasn't possible ”.

Mir tries to see the glass half full…

“We are among the fastest, but we are not the fastest. At the moment Ducati has proven to be super competitive and is the opponent to beat. We in Suzuki worked well, as did Yamaha, but we need to improve. Personally I think I am at 70%, but the sensations are positive and I am convinced that we will be able to compete better with our rivals ”.

Attention then shifted to some of the innovations, such as the frame…

“Here in Qatar we will be racing with the 2020 chassis and not with the new one. I say this because we lack some details to sort out with the set-up and consequently we cannot get the best out of its full potential. We have worked hard these days, tested a lot and we will see what happens in the race”.

One last comment was about the surprise of 2021…

“Honestly, I don't know and I don't even want to name names. I hope to be strong even though there will be many competitive riders. For example, I see Pol Espargarò, who proved fast with the Honda on his debut ”.

Alex Rins: "I'm not hiding and I expect two spectacular races"

Rins then took over…

“I think we did a great job in these tests. I think we worked well and I feel ready for the start of the season. For sure I will try some details with the set-up for the first race, but nothing special. I am confident, even though I am aware that the first two GPs in Qatar will be challenging for us ”.

The balance is therefore positive…

“The work done here in Qatar was not aimed exclusively at these first two races, but also at the ones that we will do once we are in Europe. For sure we will need other tests to try and make the necessary evaluations ”.

Meanwhile, Miller said that Suzuki has not yet shown its true potential…

“To tell the truth, I don't know what Jack was referring to. I can say that I gave my best, because when you try new material, you have to push 100% to understand if something is good or not. We missed the race simulation, we will evaluate that at the end of the month. Certainly, in today's MotoGP, the idea of ​​remaining hidden no longer exists".

One final comment about waiting for the race…

“I think these tests were particularly interesting. For this reason I am of the opinion that the crowd at home will have fun, given that they will be two great, exciting and spectacular races with a lot of riders fighting to do well. We will certainly be faster than in previous years ”.


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