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MotoGP, Mir: "I haven't had the vaccine yet, before I will talk to the doctors"

Also Rins did not take the vaccination pending medical consultation, both Suzuki riders will remain in Qatar until April 5

MotoGP: Mir: "I haven't had the vaccine yet, before I will talk to the doctors"


A return to normality would seem to be the case! The big news of the day is that Qatar and Dorna will supply vaccines to the entire MotoGP paddock. Today several riders underwent the first jab, this was the case of Bagnaia, as well as Rossi and Vinales, just to name a few.

One of those riders who have not yet undergone the vaccination is Joan Mir, who spoke on the topic: "At the moment I have not yet vaccinated - he said - for sure I will vaccinate, but first I want to talk to the doctors, in an in-depth way. I consider the vaccine an act of responsibility towards others, given that we riders are particularly exposed to this virus because of the numerous trips during the year. I know well that there are people who would need it more than me, but it makes little sense to say "do it first to others, then to me", seeing as it is not possible. However, I want to thank Dorna and all of Qatar for offering us this great opportunity ”.

Speaking of travel, the world champion will remain in Qatar until April 5th: “I will not return home like other riders, I will stay here - he added - this is also an act of responsibility. Reducing travel to a minimum, as a result reduces the risk of contagion, so I will stay here in Qatar until after the second race. The initial idea was to return, but my team is staying here and I will do the same, since it was not correct to behave differently "

His teammate will keep him company: "I'll stay here in Doha too - commented Rins - our press office has prepared a nice program for us for the next few weeks (he smiles). Joking aside, I decided to stay here, as Suzuki asked us not to take any risks by returning to Europe. I'm sorry not to be able to go back, especially for my family, but in the end this is part of my job. As for the vaccine, I haven't taken it yet, I will talk to the doctors shortly. But I thank Ezpeleta and Qatar because we have been given a great opportunity ”. 


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