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Petrucci: "I get on well with Pedrosa, he is the Muhammad Ali of MotoGP"

"The KTM is a versatile bike, with character, in this circuit its advantages are less evident but in more difficult conditions with less grip in the middle of the corner, in my opinion it is a bike that can make the difference. Dani has an excellent riding technique"

MotoGP: Petrucci:

Danilo Petrucci inaugurated his new partnership with the Tech 3 KTM RC16 with a good performance at the Losail circuit in Qatar, finishing with a quickest time of 1’55.795, ahead of his new teammate Iker Lecuona.

"There is still a lot to do but I think we are on the right track. I am still adapting to the new bike, I have to find the right sensations and the team is starting to get to know me, but we have improved since the first day of testing. We are adapting the bike's set-up to my height, there will be some details to keep and some details to sort out, but I think we are doing a great job with the team, only Oliveira is faster than me in KTM. "

What difference do you notice between the Ducati engine and the KTM one, what are the differences?

"I still have to find the right feeling with the bike, when I brake deeper the bike doesn't keep its line, but as already said I'm positive, we did a good time against riders who have ridden with bikes they've been racing on for years, there is ample room for improvement and with the team we will work on this. Losail is a circuit that favours bikes with more power on the straights, but with the bike I am doing well, the engine delivers power to the rear wheel in a regular way which will help in the loss of grip on the asphalt and in other circuits where there will be tighter corners. It is clear that we lack a bit of power compared to the Ducati which has always been strong on this circuit, but I think we can do well. "

Did you found a bike already made for you, and how is it going with the KTM team?

"I feel very comfortable, in the garage they follow me a lot and listen to my opinions in order to improve the bike. Of course I'm not a chief mechanic, but I have experience and now that I begin to get to know the bike better they listen to me, the atmosphere in the garage is truly positive and I am very happy with what has been done so far, I finally feel taken into consideration by the team. Obviously there is still a lot to improve, especially with the set-up and my height, but we are still at the beginning " .

You seem to have the biggest problems in braking, how does the bike behave?

"The bike has great front stability, which leads you to brake hard, however there is a physical limit so I'm still looking for the right balance between hard braking and brake release."

Many observers think that Pedrosa is the secret weapon of the KTM team, and that he can help you improve even more, what do you think?

"I talked to Dani, I have a lot of respect for him and we got along very well right away. He's a rider who has always given his best in difficult conditions. He has excellent technique, you can say he is a Muhammad Ali of motorcycles".

If you could sum up this bike in one word?

"It's a versatile bike, with character, on this circuit its advantages are less evident but in more difficult conditions with less grip in the middle of the corner, in my opinion it's a bike that can make a difference, I can't wait to try it in those conditions".

Will you go home after the tests?

"Yes, the plan is to do that hoping the health situation won't get worse, but I know some of the team will stay here."

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