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MotoGP, Ramon Aurin: "The goal with Pol is to win now and fight for the title."

VIDEO – Espargarò’s crew chief: “The Honda is a winning bike. The key thing will be to adapt it to Pol’s riding style.”

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Ramon Aurin will be Pol Espargarò’s right hand man for  the 2021 season. The Spanish crew chief boasts an undisputed experience in the MotoGP paddock, having worked with several riders in recent years: Jack Miller, Jorge Lorenzo, and Alex Marquez. Aurin and his team have been aiming for Espargarò’s competitiveness from the very first races. As he explained, the team will work to improve the rider’s confidence so as to put him in a position to feel at ease on the RC213V 2021 as soon as possible.

What goals do you think Pol can achieve in 2021?
Our goal is clear. We want to get the podium in the first races, and then we want to fight for the championship. Pol isn’t a rookie. He’s a guy with a lot of experience in the MotoGP, and the Honda is a winning bike. We have to push for the championship for sure.

What do you imagine Pol could bring to the Repsol Honda team?
Pol has a lot of experience with different bikes. He's ridden Yamaha, KTM, and managed to make a big improvement on the KTM from the start. So he can definitely bring some experience and some ideas that we can adapt to Honda to improve our bike.

When working with a new rider, what's the most important area to work on first?
The first thing we need to understand is how each rider explains their feelings. They all have a their own way for every single impression. The first thing we need to be able to understand is what they want to change on the bike as soon as they sense something about it. This makes the relationship between the mechanics and the rider stronger, making it easier to understand what they need. Then it’s important for us to understand – after making the bike suitable for his position, when Pol explains the problems he’s having on the bike – what we need to change to adapt it to his riding.

What changes are made when a new rider  joins the team?
The first thing we need to change is the position of the bike. Each rider has a different size and weight, and we need to know exactly what he needs, how many parts to change. At the beginning of this year, it’ll be difficult because we didn’t have the Sepang tests. We go to Qatar almost with a standard bike. So we have to work with Honda to have the different parts needed to modify the bike based on Pol’s body.

How has your part of the garage grown over the past three years?
We’ve changed many riders in three years. This has given us the  experience  we need to be able to modify the bike in a short time. The guys on the team have a lot of experience in making different pieces to adapt the rider’s position while on the circuit, so we don’ talways have to wait for the parts to be made . This will be of great help to quickly modify the bike for Pol.

What do you need to prepare for a season to compete in the MotoGP World Championship. How do you prepare yourself and your team?
The most important thing for a team is to create a great team and, above all, to make it grow together! Obviously, when we change one or two members, in the case of the rider, we’re talking about one of the main components. Then we have to work to increase the feeling of being a team. Surely, to be able to do this, we need to be together during the different tests, and the experience in the tests will improve the feeling and the way of understanding each other.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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