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MotoGP, Pol Espargarò: "I haven't talked to Marquez since the presentation, Puig helps me"

"Alberto is direct and that's what we want right now. My times are starting to be acceptable, I would have signed on the line to be seven-tenths from the best on the second day"

MotoGP: Pol Espargarò: "I haven't talked to Marquez since the presentation, Puig helps me"


The first days of apprenticeship with the Honda have concluded for Pol Espargarò who ended day 2 of testing in Qatar in twelfth place in the standings. What are the conclusions after 130 laps on the RC213V?

"I still have to understand the limit of the bike but it was good not to crash in these days - said Pol – the Honda is one of those bikes that gives you something when you push to the limit, it is very physical and for this you have to work hard and be in 100% shape. I really like this philosophy and for now I am limiting myself to understanding everything, there are a lot of aspects to take into consideration, such as the buttons on the handlebar, the way in which the engine maps are changed, the insertion of the speed limiter in the pits and much more".

How do you rate your position at the moment?

“In a test the position in the standings is not important, there were riders who put on a new tyre and others who didn't, maybe someone crashed and preferred not to push anymore, in short, we are not here for the times. Having said that, being at seven-tenths is a great result, I would have signed on the line for this a few days ago. Besides, Bradl is running strong and he gives us a lot of information that will help me improve ”.

How do you rate your improvement from yesterday to today? Yesterday your gap from the leader was more than one second, today it’s seven-tenths…

“Yes, I've improved a lot and a lot more than the others. My times are starting to be acceptable and that's good because it means we're not throwing away all the work we are doing in the garage. In terms of pace, I think I'm close to the best but, as I said, they are just tests ”.

Have you been able to speak with Marquez?

“No, we haven't heard from each other, we haven't actually talked to each other since after the presentation of the bike. I think he's following it all up and discussing with his engineers. For now I speak with Puig, I like working with him, he is a direct person and clarity is something I need, especially since there are few days of testing ”.

Soon you will be back on this track for the second and final test phase before two race weekends. How do you see this concentration of action in Qatar?

"Honda warned me that this is not the best circuit for the bike, especially in testing. The Honda is the best but here it is always a bit difficult to find the pace."


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