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MotoGP, Aerodynamics War: Honda also inspired by Ducati

During the third day of testing in Losail, Nakagami took to the track with a fairing inspired by Ducati’s, with the search for greater wing load

MotoGP: Aerodynamics War: Honda also inspired by Ducati


With engines frozen, due to a request by the constructors to reduce costs, research has shifted to aerodynamics since, compared to 2020, an update is allowed. This is the proof, if needed, that it’s not so much what’s forbidden in racing than what the budget cap is, which limits an increase in costs.

Without this simple rule, what happens is a shift in resources from one research department to another, without a real decrease in expenses. As if to say, if I can’t invest in the engine this year, I might as well throw myself into aerodynamic research, which may seem cheaper only to those who don’t take into account the commitment required by those who dedicate themselves to this type of activity in wind tunnels.

And so here’s HRC’s result: a new fairing for the RC213-V, tested by Nakagami from the LCR team. As we can see, by comparing it with the 2020 one used by Pol Espargarò, we can notice an increase in the wing area, which resembles Ducati’s in shape.



Translated by Leila Myftija

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