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MotoGP, Luca Marini: “I often dreamt of the moment when I’d get on a Ducati.”

“Tomorrow it’ll actually happen, and it’s incredible. Everyone at Ducati wants to pass on their knowledge about motorcycles. Dall’Igna, Ciabatti, and Tardozzi talk to me a lot.”

MotoGP: Luca Marini: “I often dreamt of the moment when I’d get on a Ducati.”

Tomorrow will be a bit like the first day in one of those important exclusive schools for Luca Marini, where everyone stares at you as you walk down the corridor, trying to figure you out. The MotoGP, and everyone in the world championship, will be watching Luca’s first moves tomorrow in the top class very carefully, on the Ducati of the Avintia team, with the Sky Racing Team VR46 colors.
It’s truly incredible to be here to experience the MotoGP for the first time,” Luca told “It’s all a bit strange, but I can’t wait to get started because, this winter, I dreamt of the moment when I’d start riding many times.Tomorrow will be a special day. I hope to feel good on the bike and to be fast too.

For Luca Marini, tomorrow will only be the first day of testing on a MotoGP. Of rookies who, in recent years, have followed the same path as Luca, only Fabio Quartararo seemed to be able to interpret the bike in the best possible way from his very first season, but he rode a Yamaha. For Bagnaia, who entered Ducati, like Luca from the Sky Racing Team VR46, it took a year of apprenticeship to see his first convincing results on the Desmosedici. How long will it take Luca?
“I’ll have to take some time to start being fast. It’ll be important to take things one step at a time. I talked a lot with Ducati, and they all told me a few things that I’ll have to learn. I'm ready."

We all know that Ducati is a team with important colors, especially for an Italian rider. Luca will debut with Avintia. How was his first approach with the team?
The team is really very good. They’re all very nice, and top management at Ducati is very close to me, and they try to talk to me a lot. Everyone wants to pass me their knowledge of the bike and the category, including Tardozzi, Ciabatti, and Dall’Igna.”

The transition from the Moto2 to the MotoGP can be very stressful both from a technical point of view – with the difficulty in learning the electronics and Michelin tires – and physically, with a bike that really requires you to be in excellent shape. What are the changes that Luca has made in his training?
This winter, I made changes in preparing physically, because I’ll need more strength this season. In the Moto2, it was important to weigh as little as possible, while now I’m free to push hard in the gym. I’m in good shape, and tomorrow, after trying the bike, I’ll be able to better adapt my physical preparation, since I’ll understand which areas to work on. Besides the gym, I also went to the Ranch with the VR46 Riders Academy.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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