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Brivio: “The F1? Everyone’s in a hurry. Decisions are slower in the MotoGP.”

“The Formula 1 is a bigger organization. Everything happens faster, but the riders have the same attitude. Alonso returned here because he’s hungry for a victory. I won’t have any problems with him. He’s super determined.”

MotoGP: Brivio: “The F1? Everyone’s in a hurry. Decisions are slower in the MotoGP.”

The moment of Davide Brivio’s debut on the track in Formula 1 is approaching. The guy who took Suzuki by the hand in its return to the MotoGP and literally seduced and abandoned it after winning the title in 2020 with Joan Mir. Brivio was snatched from the two-wheeler world by CEO Laurent Rossi and will soon be at the pit wall while Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon ride the track aboard the Alpine F1.

During the team presentation to the press, Brivio offered some interesting ideas, giving answers to those who were curious about the differences –  from his current, completely privileged point of view – between the F1 and the MotoGP, the world in which Davide was the absolute star for two decades.

If I hadn’t taken advantage of this chance, I would have regretted it,” he stated. “The Formula 1 is a dream that I’ve cherished for a long time, and itìs very exciting for me because there’s so much to learn and understand. It’s a great challenge and something completely new for me. The Formula 1 is a much larger organization than the MotoGP. There are more people involved, and the technology is obviously much more complex, like aerodynamics. But I also recognize many similarities, things in common with my previous experiences in motorsports. It’s a team sport, and the Formula 1 riders resemble the MotoGP riders in their attitude and approach.

Brivio also clarified what his role will be in organizing the work in the garage.
“I’m responsible for the work on the track. Our job at that moment is to take advantage of the potential of the car. I’m not an engineer, but I have to make sure everyone on the track has what they need to be able to perform at their best.”

The goals are high standard.
Obviously, everyone wants to win, and we got on the podium a few times last year. This is our starting point. We need to start with that and make sure we get on the podium regularly, so we can also take the next step and win. In the F1, everyone is in a hurry. In the MotoGP, things were progressing more gradually. This year is a transitional year. Everything is centered around the 2022 season, when extensive rule changes will be implemented. Work on the new single-seater is underway, and we hope to be able to take another step forward.”

Davide also spoke of the star he’ll have to manage, namely, Fernando Alonso.
“Fernando is a World Champion and one of the greatest talents in the Formula 1. He’ll bring experience and skill to the team. He was away from the circus for two years to gain other experience, but now he wants to return to the Formula 1. This emphasizes his unstoppable desire to be successful and achieve good results. He could have had a golden career in other disciplines, but he wanted to find the most competitive environment to confront his hopes for the future. I don’t think his relationship with Fernando will be difficult. I talked to him, and he seemed an absolutely normal guy to me, but extremely motivated. He wants to make the most of his car. He didn’t come back just to drive. He wants results. He still wants to get some satisfaction. He’s ambitious, demanding, but I like this in a driver.“


Translated by Leila Myftija

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