A new circuit for MotoGP in Hungary from 2023

Carmelo Ezpeleta flew to Budapest to sign a contract with the organizer of the new GP. The world championship has not raced in Hungary since 1992


"Dorna Sports CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta has met József Pacza, the CEO of Kelet Magzarorszàg Versenypálya Kft, in Budapest to sign an agreement to host a Grand Prix in a new circuit close to Debrecen!".

With these words, posted by the official MotoGP account on social media, Dorna has made official the start of a new project. After the Mandalika track still being built, the finalization of the Finnish GP and the now cancelled new circuit of Rio de Janeiro, Dorna and MotoGP are trying to insert another piece in their business with Hungary, where a world championship GP has been absent since 1992. On that last occasion the race was held at the Hungaroring where Formula 1 still races every year today.


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