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MotoGP, Marquez asks for runway for takeoff, but his plane won't go to Qatar

The Spaniard continues to prepare physically to return to the track soon, but while the other riders are all in Qatar, Marc dreams of taking off towards a return to the saddle

MotoGP: Marquez asks for runway for takeoff, but his plane won't go to Qatar


"I ask for a runway for takeoff". This is the short text that accompanies yet another image of Marc Marquez grappling with physical recovery in view of his return to the saddle. The Spaniard in recent weeks has intensified his presence on Social, often giving demonstrations of the progress he is making after the third operation he underwent in late 2020.

Marc already knows well that his plane will not be able to take off towards Qatar, he has widely declared it during the presentation of Team HRC Repsol 2021. Yet the picture posted, while he tests the tightness of his shoulders mimicking the airplane, testifies once again how close Marquez really is to that return to the saddle that obviously risks becoming an obsession for the Spanish champion.

For the time being, he will have to be content with watching from home the Honda debut of his new teammate Pol Espargarò, who, according to Lucio Cecchinello (read the interview HERE), should not find it too difficult to go fast with the RCV, a bike that is conceptually not far from the KTM RC16 he was used to.


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