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MotoGP, STREAMING - At 10.30 Rossi and Morbidelli unveil the Yamaha Petronas

LIVE - The big day has arrived, Valentino and Franco will be the protagonists of the presentation of the Malaysian team live on the web

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Valentino Rossi and Franco Morbidelli, in the same team and with the same colours: the big day has arrived so at 10.30. the live broadcast on the Petronas team's social channels (you can also follow it from this page) of the presentation of the new team for 2021 will begin.

The two Italians will be in the same garage this year, albeit with slightly different bikes. The Doctor will have the same M1 as that of the riders of the official team, Franco the A-Spec bike, a less advanced version. Instead, the colours on the fairings are identical, for a season that the two riders might never have dreamed of.

Many years have gone by since Morbido joined (the first rider to do so) Valentino's VR46 Riders Academy, and now the pupil will fight on equal terms with his teacher, trying to overtake him on the track. For the two it will certainly be an exciting year and it will all start today, live streaming from 10.30.

After the presentation, on GPOne, you can find all the photos of the bikes and interviews with managers and riders. Stay tuned!


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