MotoGP, GP Indonesia: Mandalika floods but works continue. “We're at 58%.”

The Indonesian track is one of the reserves on the MotoGP calendar: “It recently flooded, but our drainage system worked.”


Work continues on the construction of the Indonesian Mandalika circuit. “We’re on schedule,” the managing director of Mandalika, Bram Subiandoro, stated. “We’ve reached fifty-eight percent of the work, and we’re continuing to closely monitor the process of this project because the work must be done with care and precision. We’re optimistic that this project can run smoothly and on schedule. We’re also confident that the final homologation results will be in line with FIM standards.

The most important news, however, concerns the drainage system, since the area of Mandalika (more precisely, Ujung Lauk Hamlet, Kuta Village, Central Lombok) was flooded after heavy rains in recent weeks. From the layout, however, they stated that the parts of the construction site affected by this flooding were immediately drained, thanks to the properly functioning system installed, allowing them to continue to work safely: “Our drainage system worked.”

Work on the fence of the circuit and the land improvement were completed in January. Now the activities consist in preparing the asphalt of the track, installing several drains, and working on the gravel and retaining walls, planting grass, and finishing 1.8 km of pavement for the service roads. The quantitatively most important work, however, is the installation of a concrete barrier – with a volume of 9903m3 – for which a Swiss company was consulted. This barrier will protect the spectators in the event of an accident.

We hope that the mid-year approval process will run smoothly,” sources from the circuit stated. ”And that the IndonesianGP race can take place this year. We’re grateful for the support of all the government agencies who continue to show enthusiasm in preparing to host the 2021 IndonesianGP.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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