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MotoGP, Iannone: "The mafia is bigger than sport, even those who are not doped pay"

Andrea on the acquittal of Alex Schwarzer from charges of doping: "The system sucks and must be stopped, it is right for anyone who makes a mistake to be punished"

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Alex Schwazer has been acquitted of charges of doping for not having committed the crime. This is undoubtedly the news of the day, because after an ordeal lasting five years, the investigating judge of the court of Bolzano, Walter Pelino, has ordered the dismissal of the trial against the South Tyrolean racewalker.

Finally Alex can see the light at the end of the tunnel after such a long time, so much so that he has gathered the support of the entire world of sport.

Among those who have spoken out in support of the man from the South Tyrol there is also Andrea Iannone, who, as we all know, was sentenced to a four-year ban for doping due to food contamination. The former Aprilia rider did not mince his words on the matter: "These situations have been happening for some time now – was the outburst of the #29 - this system must be stopped absolutely, for the good of the sportsmen, who have been sacrificing themselves and making physical and mental effort for a lifetime without being doped".

Iannone then added: “For sure there are sportsmen who take drugs, while others who don't. It is right for the former to be punished, while as regards the others it is not right for them to pay only because now the mafia is present in sport and is greater than sport itself today. So this system must be stopped because it really sucks ”. 


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