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Merlini: "Gresini is fighting, we are working for the future in MotoGP"

Fausto's right-hand man: "Even without him we are continuing discussions with the various manufacturers, Aprilia is one of them"

MotoGP: Merlini: "Gresini is fighting, we are working for the future in MotoGP"


It was clear that during the presentation of the Gresini team that was held this morning in virtual form, one person was absent: Fausto Gresini. For a month and a half now, the entire two-wheel world has been apprehensive about the condition of the team founder and two-time world champion who has been hospitalized since December 27 due to complications from Covid.

“Fausto had a negative test for Covid a couple of weeks ago - his right-hand man Carlo Merlini said after the conference - and now doctors are working to sort out the damage done by the virus in this month and a half. All the medical staff are doing their utmost and we are waiting for good news every day”.

However, the condition of Fausto Gresini has not brought a halt to the work of the team which is organizing an important season which will start in Qatar at the end of March.

"We will be in Qatar for some time but it is necessary for the championship to restart. Dorna, just like in 2020, is doing a great job and the fourteen races done last season were a demonstration of the strength of MotoGP”.

For a 2021 season about to start, however, there are also discussions about the future, with the Gresini Racing team that in mid-December signed a contract with Dorna to stay in MotoGP until 2026. At the moment it is a fact that the Gresini brand will be there but evaluations are underway to understand which manufacturer it will work alongside.

“Fausto was talking to various manufacturers and we are continuing to do so. The job now is to consider all the options while carrying out talks and then decide when we will have everything on one table. Our season will continue with Aprilia, we have made a commitment with them until the end of the year and we intend to respect it in the best possible way. Obviously the Noale company is one of those we are discussing with for the next few years as well ”.

Indonesian brands have long been seen on the bikes of the Gresini team. How strong is the collaboration with that market and what will it bring to the world championship in the future?

“This work started in 2012 with Federal Oil and something has always been added since then. This year ‘Indonesian Racing’, an MP1 brand that wants to be the promoter of motorcycling in Indonesia, has also joined. We have created an Academy with them with the aim of training new Indonesian talents who we will then be happy to evaluate and possibly put on our bikes. The project is managed by Gresini Racing and Dorna is not directly involved even though they have strong interests in developing the MotoGP brand in that country ”.


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