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MotoGP, Xaus: "Marini is very analytical, he inherited from his brother Rossi"

"He is a rider who has deserved to make the jump into MotoGP, and has a physique that will help him. He and Bastianini will grow together, they will help each other"

MotoGP: Xaus:

Today was the day of the presentation of the Sky Racing Team VR46 which, together with the new liveries of the Moto2 and MotoGP bikes, also presented the new teams. The MotoGP project with Luca Marini, who will wear Sky VR46 colours on the Avintia team's Ducati with Ruben Xaus as team manager, certainly stood out. What will it be like for the Spanish team to bring the “VR46 brand” to MotoGP for the first time?

“The Valentino brand will be behind us this season - said Xaus - but the most important thing will be to focus and keep doing our job. Having Valentino behind this project frankly doesn't change our mentality much, the bikes are the same and the category too, it's more a matter of image ".

Luca Marini, who in 2020 finished the Moto2 championship in second position, will be riding the Sky-branded Ducati. Luca is a rider who has experienced quite a rise in recent years, with nine podiums and six wins in the last three seasons. What are his strengths and how can he make a difference in MotoGP?

“I think he deserved to make the jump to MotoGP, he is a rider who analyses everything a lot and I like that. I think he has inherited a lot from his brother, even if maybe he still doesn't know it. Besides, he has a good physique for today's MotoGP and if he knows how to manage the tyres well, it could be his best secret. "

Together with Marini there will also be world champion Enea Bastianini, what do you expect from their cohabitation in the garage?

"Our job will be to take the team forward and in this 2021 we might be able to do it with two young and fast riders who were the best in Moto2 last season They can do a lot together, they are two riders who arrive in MotoGP with little experience and they will have to grow up. I think they can lend each other a hand, they are intelligent and we can be a very strong team ”.


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