MotoGP, Francesca Novello: “I dream of having a child with Valentino Rossi, but not marriage”

"You don't need to have a ring on your finger, but it's an important relationship. I am one step back when it comes to his job and he does the same with me. He's nice and cheerful. He doesn't give a damn where you eat, if you sit on the ground it’s fine”


On Valentine's Day, just for a change we thought it might not be a bad idea to report on an interview with the companion of the most successful Italian rider of the modern era.

Francesca Sofia Novello was a guest in the studio of Verissimo on Italian TV, interviewed by Silvia Toffanin. The model and influencer, girlfriend of Valentino Rossi, told Canale 5 all about the start of her relationship with the Doctor and the prospects for the future.

How did you meet Valentino? Was it a classic love at first sight between you?

“Vale and I met casually, some friends introduced each other, so it wasn't really love at first sight. We dated for a year, then we realized we were fine together and we got engaged. Now we live together, that is, my stuff is in Tavullia together with my toothbrush, but I go back and forth a bit because my family is from Milan and also my modelling agency. For about a year I have been working a lot on social media and it is something I can do even while in Tavullia, now I am there more often also because I have my friends, we have two dogs and our life together".

On social media, we saw that you were with him in Bahrain, do you often go to the track to follow him?

"I don't always follow him, we try to keep things a bit separate. He has a job, I have mine. When I go to the Grands Prix I go there as a fan, I don't follow him for other reasons, I go there because I enjoy doing it and I like cheering him on. I follow him two or three races a year. I have a monstrous fear of speed, it scares me even seeing motorcycles speeding by, let alone if Vale is on it ... that’s even worse! I am very tense when I go to the races, which is also another reason why I like to stay at home ”.

What is YOUR Valentino like, the one away from the spotlight?

“I always say that my boyfriend is called Valentino Rossi but in reality if he wasn't called that he would be a boyfriend like any other, very simple. We like movies, travelling, TV series, being with friends, going out for dinner, an absolutely normal life. It is one of the things that struck me most when I met him. Living in Milan, I happened to meet people from show business and footballers who had a completely different approach, both towards women and their attitude. When I met Valentino I immediately realized that he was down to earth, it's how you see him: funny and cheerful. He doesn't give a damn about where you are eating, if you sit on the ground it's fine with him. That’s a very difficult thing to find in a man today, especially in such an important man. He impressed me and I said 'you are the one' ".

You posted a photo with a ring lately and everyone has been wondering if there was a proposal. How are things?

"Everyone would like to see me in a white dress. The subject of marriage is something that echoes in my head and I can't stand it anymore, in the sense that they are not things that you can plan, we’ll see. I'm not sure what to answer to a question about marriage. If we were to listen to the newspapers we should have got married three or four times already. It is certainly an important story, I think he is the man of my life and so why not? For me it is not essential, if it happens all well and good but we love each other all the same, I always say that you don't need to have a ring on your finger to have faith in your hearts. If it happens, all well and good! "

As for a family, do you have a desire to become a mother?

"I think it's a desire that is part of being a woman and I feel very woman in this sense. I have this dream but I am still very young, there is time and this too is something that we do not plan ".

Last year you participated in the Sanremo Festival and there has been a lot of talk about you, especially for what Amadeus said about your relationship with Valentino. What do you think of this story?

“I am one step behind Valentino and I'm very happy. Or rather, I am one step behind him as he is one step behind me at work and in our public lives, and I will continue to be like that. I have no intention of standing either in front of him or beside him as regards his world, just as I would not want him to be in my world. It is a question of respect for the figure and the world of work, nothing else”.


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