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MotoGP, Marc Marquez challenges fans as he trains, "Find the differences!"

The Spaniard has taken the Ruber doctors who gave him the green light literally and is accelerating his recovery. Today he posted a significant image, the right shoulder has no less muscle tone than the left one

MotoGP: Marc Marquez challenges fans as he trains,

Marc Marquez cashed a very good news with the last examinations carried out at the Ruber Hospital (read the article HERE), which probably increased his desire to get back on track. The Spaniard has in fact had the okay from the doctors, fortunately not the same ones as in Jerez, on the possibility of raising the bar even higher in his training and he immediately took them literally.

Today the rider that Honda can't wait to get back on the saddle has posted a rather explicit image, showing his shoulders in tension seen from above. A shot that allows you to appreciate how similar is the muscle tone between the two shoulders, something very important if we consider how long Marc can not push 100% for his training. Probably he still can't give everything, but for sure the road is starting to not be uphill anymore and his determination will soon allow him to speed up the recovery time.

Perhaps the Spaniard, after the good news, has begun to dream that he might actually be ready for the Qatar tests, a hypothesis that until a few weeks ago seemed like science fiction but now seems slightly more plausible. If Marquez should be able to get back on the bike, perhaps a flat track bike, within ten days of the Losail tests, it's a safe bet that he'll do everything he can to be in the pits ready to take to the track and take back the title in 2021.


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