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SBK, Kawasaki confirms injury for Alex Lowes

After the anticipation we gave you yesterday evening, KRT has announced that the British rider cannot ride following his crash in Barcelona

SBK: Kawasaki confirms injury for Alex Lowes


 Last night we reported the news of Alex Lowes' injury on his flat track bike at Rocco's Ranch in Barcelona. This news has been confirmed today, since the team's spokeswoman Eva Blanquez has confirmed the accident to the number 22.

Here is the short press note, waiting for a press release that will be issued in the evening:  

"Alex Lowes suffered a shoulder injury in an accident while training on a flat track bike. The rider was carrying out his winter physical training programme. The injury is not serious, but the doctors have advised him not to push his recovery time, recommending three weeks' rest".

At Jerez there is therefore only Johnny Rea on track for the Kawasaki. We will see if the weather will allow him to take to the track or not.  


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