MotoGP, Quartararo: I had Covid in December. I’m in great shape now.”

The Yamaha rider caught the virus in winter, but he's already training at full steam. Di Giannantonio offered him a carbonara to help him recover.


Covid didn’t even spare Fabio Quartararo, who caught the virus at the end of December. The Yamaha rider revealed this himself on Instagram: “After catching Covid in December, I suffered physically somewhat, but it’s great to be back to my best level,” he wrote, also posting a photo of himself shirtless next to his motocross bikes.

 Fabio has already started training at full steam. He was in Italy the past few weeks visiting the Yamaha headquarters in Gerno di Lesmo and took the opportunity to do some motocross.

Fabio Di Giannatonio downplayed it all with an amusing comment: “Come to Rome, Fabio! I’ll make you a carbonara so you can recover. I see you’re really skinny.”

We’re sure the French rider will accept the invitation and honor his Italian origins.



Translated by Leila Myftija

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