MotoGP, Lorenzo Gresini: "Dad's awake, we're back in the race!"

Fausto's condition is improving, according to his son on social media: 'The tests are stable, the lungs are not in good shape but they give encouraging signs'.


The day ended on a positive note for Fausto Gresini, as his son Lorenzo provided a very important update on the condition of the manager, who has been battling Covid since the end of 2020.

"As of today we are officially back in the race, dad is awake! The tests are stable as well as the oxygenation, the kidneys are recovering, he continues to be on antibiotics and has no fever, the lungs are not in good shape, but they give some positive signs. Obviously a serious and fragile situation remains. Updates will follow".

In short, the clinical picture remains serious, but the news that is arriving is comforting and gives cautious optimism about Fausto's recovery, in the hope that the next updates will be even more positive.

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