MotoGP, Marquez: “In the 125 and Moto2, Pol Espargarò and I couldn’t stand each other.”

Marc talks about his relationship with his future teammate: “We barely spoke to each other, but now we’re  more mature. I’d like us both to fight for the title. Tension is normal.”


This year, Marc Marquez and Pol Espargarò will be teammates on the official Honda team, but since the beginning of their careers, the paths of the two Spanish riders have repeatedly crossed and sparks have flown, which is normal between two rivals.

Marc talked about it in the documentary  by DAZN Spain about him and Valentino Rossi, in the episode dedicated to the beginning of his career.

Maybe the most tense years I remember were 2010 and 2012,” the world champion said. “We barely talked. There was rivalry, and I’m sure he couldn’t stand me and I him. That’s because there was rivalry.”

In 2010, Marquez won the 125cc title, and Pol finished third, while 2012 was the year of the Moto2 victory  for Marc, right in front of Espargarò.

But their relationship has improved.

You mature and understand that it’s important to have rivalry on the track, because it makes you improve,” Marquez continued. “Now I get along really  well with Pol. I’d like us both to fight for the title, so there will be tension, but that’s normal.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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