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MotoGP, Mir: “Winning the title with Marquez would be worth more to me.”

“With all my heart, I’d like for him to return to Qatar. Another rider couldn’t get back to winning immediately. But since it’s Marc, I doubt he won't be able to.”

MotoGP: Mir: “Winning the title with Marquez would be worth more to me.”


For Joan Mir, 2021 will be a year of confirmation, since he’ll have to defend the title he won last season, and he’ll definitely have his worth of rivals. Many will want to remove the number 1 from his Suzuki, but we still don’t know whether he’ll have to face his most feared opponent: Marc Marquez.

It’s something Mir, who was interviewed by AS, would like. When asked if a title with Marc on the track would be worth more, Joan’s response was clear: “It would be worth more. Inside of me, I felt I hadn’t won thanks to his injury, because he wasn’t  kidnapped but he got injured giving one hundred percent to beat us all, and he didn’t succeed. But I was wrong. I’d like to win the next title with him on the track. I’d give it more value.

Joan hopes to meet him again in Qatar, even if that seems to be a very remote possibility at the moment.

I’d like that with all my heart. I want him to be there, because I can imagine what he’s going through,” the world champion continued. “I saw him one day in Olvan. He went to watch his brother Alex train. He was discouraged. He’s not well, and that’s normal. I can imagine that, with the pace of life he was used to, not racing for a year, and not even knowing if he can still race, is difficult.

Mir thinks this injury will not change Marc once he’s back on his bike.

I’m not sure he’ll be one hundred percent at the beginning, but I’ll keep that doubt to myself, because only Marc could do it,” he said. “With someone else, I’d have no doubts. I don’t believe they could  return and win the first race after what happened, but I have this doubt about  him.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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