Moto3, VR46 in the CIV: Pietro Bagnaia is team manager, Surra and Bartolini the riders

Valentino Rossi's Academy team will compete in the Italian Championship. At the head of the team there will be the father of Pecco


VR46 Riders Academy is glad to announce the launch of its Team Bardahl VR46 Riders Academy Moto3 involved in the CIV, the Italian Championship. A project aiming to support the two young Italian talents Alberto Surra and Elia Bartolini in their path of professional growth. 

Alessio Salucci said: “We are very happy to embark on this new VR46 Riders Academy project. To allow young riders in their progress through the ranks of motorsport has always been the main focus of the Academy. We try to create the perfect environment for young talents to improve their craft. CIV is a very competitive Championship and it’s going to be a great challenge for our team. We are also very proud to have on board with us Pietro Bagnaia as Team Manager. His expertise is a huge addition to our project.”

Pietro Bagnaia, the father of Pecco,  will be the Team Manager VR46RA Junior Team in CIV: “To have the chance to be part of such a cool project as the VR46 Riders Academy fills me with pride. It’s the best place to be for young riders in search of a real professional support. The hunger and passion young athletes have is something which has always excited me. I’ll do my best to help them make their dreams come true.

Giovanni Copioli, President of the Italian Federation: “We’re glad to have VR46 Riders Academy competing in the CIV with their own team. We both share the same goal: to support young riders in their growth as we do with our Talenti Azzurri Velocità. We are honored to be able to gear them up for new challenges as becoming part of the VR46 Riders Academy. To have VR46 in the CIV for 2021 marks a great contribution for a further development of our Championship.

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