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MotoGP, “Aprilia lost a test rider, Smith declined”

VIDEO – “At this point, I’d ask Biaggi, but the ideal tester would be De Angelis. Marquez didn’t tell Honda everything. His plate didn’t bend when opening a door but when training on a bike.”

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Like every Saturday evening, Carlo Pernat, along with Paolo Scalera and Matteo Aglio, met the viewers of GPOne in a live broadcast on our social media channels to talk about the latest news of the week (see full video above).

As always, the manager from Genoa did not mince words and also divulged some important indiscretions. The first was about Aprilia, the only MotoGP constructor to still use concessions, but which seems to have lost its test rider.

Rumors, but reliable ones, say that Bradley Smith refused the contract as a test  rider,” Pernat revealed. “My impression, to date, is that Lorenzo Savadori will be the second rider, and they’ll have to look for another test RIDER. Who? If I were to give them some advice, I’d say Alex De Angelis. He’d be the right person. At this point, I’d also take on Max Biaggi.

Many still hope to see Andrea Dovizioso on the RS-GP but, for Carlo, the possibilities are practically nil.

The manager always throws it out there, to see if any fish bite,” is his opinion. “That’s what Battistella is doing.  The only road left for Dovizioso to take is Honda, and tthat seems difficult to me. Seeing Andrea in Aprilia would be fascinating, but there are no resources for him.

Pernat then revealed indiscretion, regarding Marc Marquez.  Opening the French doors doesn’t seem to be what broke the camel’s back – and bent the plate – after his first surgery, but the culprit was instead a bike ride.

Honda is investigating Marquez’s credibility, not the decision of the doctors. Let me explain.  They’re investigating the truth of that  door episode, because the problem might not have have stemmed from there. I think Marc got on a bike and Honda didn’t know it,” Pernat explained.

The last thing he discussed was Ducati and their chances of winning.

It’s year zero for Ducati. They’ve chosen young riders, and they need time to get back to winning. If it takes a year, I applaud them, If it takes two, I applaud them the same.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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