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Pixelcom sends flags packing with light panels

Goodbye to flags, which are often not very visible, and goodbye to illuminated panels, which require FIM approval

News: Pixelcom sends flags packing with light panels

The signal flags, which every driver is expected to be familiar with and which have governed racing since the beginning, from the blue to signal the arrival of a faster competitor, to the generic oil information on the track (yellow with red stripes), to the red with which the competition is stopped are things of the past. Nowadays, light panels are being used, which obviously need homologation.

Among the applications developed by the company, there are: Sport Scoreboards (soccer, tennis, karting, pelota valenciana,etc ...), Dynamic information displays (industry, logistics, sports ...) and software for karting and motorsports. 

The 768-G2 is a grade 2 Light Panel and has successfully passed all tests of the FIM Light Panel Standard FRHPlp-01, namely minimum luminance test as well as the colour coordinates test.



"We are really proud to be the first company in the world having FIM homologated Light Panels - said Hector Llop. Pixelcom CEO & Co-Founder - We installed our first units more than ten years ago and since then, many improvements have been introduced and many circuits are using our solutions both for track days and events. 

With this homologation, we reach the most demanding features in the industry, keeping safety standards as one of the most important aspects in motorsports.

Our goal is to provide the best equipment and services to all facilities needing these technological solutions, in order to improve in safety and track operations in this new era of motorcycling".

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