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Johnny Rea special tester for the ZX-10RR: "It's like getting on an SBK bike"

VIDEO - The world champion reveals all the secrets of the new Kawasaki at Jerez: "The engine has the same characteristics as my race-bike"

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This is one of the surprises of the new year. We are obviously talking about the Kawasaki ZX-10RR, which is the latest evolution launched on the market by the Japanese manufacturer. On the occasion of the Jerez tests last November, Johnny Rea and Alex Lowes took it to the track, starting to gain confidence with the bike.

Later Kawasaki made a video with the multiple WSBK champion as protagonist, in which he revealed all the secrets of the new road version. He did it through a lap at Jerez, collecting valuable information related to the new ZX-10RR:

“This bike from the outside looks completely different, different fairing, side fairing and rear seat. The front fairing creates 17% more downforce which helps keep that front wheel contact feeling with the ground. The screen height is I think 40 millimetres higher, and the seat position is higher so that racing crouch is a little bit better. Handlebar position is 10 millimetres forward compared to last year's bike and that's exactly my position on the bike.”

However, the new features of the ZX-10RR 2021 do not end here:

“Kawasaki has also made big changes with the chassis, front springs and rear springs. The offset of the front head pipe position is two millimetres closer and the rear swing arm is eight millimetres longer. That gives us so much more adjustability to get that perfect riding position for you and comfort feeling.”

After this quick analysis, it was time for Rea to start the engine and tackle his first lap on the Jerez track with the road version:

“First lap, cold tyres so this will be a steady lap, still a few damp patches in the winter. It does everything that a Kawasaki should do. I started feeling better lap by lap and then started pushing over the limit because it’s a bike that inspires confidence. It stops good, is stable and has all the electronic aids that we find in the ZX-10 models. It’s not my KRT race-bike, but it has all the same characteristics, easy to ride, manageable power. The bike ticks all the boxes, it’s a proper fun little motorbike.”


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