MotoGP, Valentino Rossi’s coach, Bryan Toccaceli, at Tavullia Ranch

Caparvi Racing Team’s team manager from San Marino closely followed the Doctor's training on his Ranch


Valentino Rossi is sharpening his weapons for the new season and does so under the eye of an exceptional coach, Bryan Toccaceli. The young team manager from San Marino stopped over at the Tavullia Ranch to closely follow the Doctor's training.

Almost three years after his unfortunate accident at the Baldasserona Crossodrome, a passion for engines continues to flow in Bryan's veins, so much so that he has become team manager for the Caparvi Racing Team. An exciting adventure, with the aim of making the champions of tomorrow grow.

Speaking of champions, Valentino Rossi welcomed him to his ranch recently, commenting on the day spent together on his social media networks: "MX training at MotoRanch with some important tips from our coach @bryantoccaceli."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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