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SBK, Camier: "Leaving racing was the hardest decision in my life"

The new Honda team manager speaks: “my shoulder was the biggest problem, I no longer had the motivation to give everything. Puig told me I have to be strong "

SBK: Camier: "Leaving racing was the hardest decision in my life"


A second life! This is how Leon Camier's new adventure at Honda in the role of team manager could end. Talent has certainly never been lacking in the British rider, but injuries put a spoke in his wheel. Yet he never wanted to give up, with his intention of getting back on the bike and being at the start of the Superbike World Championship.

He tried in every way possible, especially after that bad injury he picked up two years ago in Thailand in the second race with a Honda. It is a pity that that accident affected his path, so much so that he had to hang up his helmet at the age of only 34.

The world of Superbike, however, represents his second home and so here he is again in the paddock, but in a new role.

“Leaving the world of racing was the most difficult decision of my life - Leon said - the last few months have in fact been very complicated due to the injuries I had to deal with. I did everything to overcome my health problems with visits, medical consultations, but unfortunately it did not go as I hoped ".

It was that cursed shoulder that kept Leon out of the game…

"The shoulder was the biggest problem of my life and each doctor had a different opinion from another. The most complicated thing was having so many different versions of my health, but not only. As I said, the shoulder was an obstacle for me ”.

The team manager then went into further details on the matter…

“In my daily life the shoulder is not that much of a problem, such as when I ride a bike or do motocross. The situation gets complicated when you race, because then you are always in tension and as a result you start to struggle ”.

For sure, seeing him hang up his helmet is very strange at the age of only 34…

“In recent years I have lost many opportunities for my health, since I was then forced to stop. I don't deny that I had a chance in BSB, but after the last accident I lost that motivation to give everything on the bike. In fact, I found myself in the situation of having to choose and I took this possibility. I will therefore try to put my knowledge and competence in the racing world at the service of the team ”.

Despite the adverse weather conditions, a new adventure began today in Jerez…

“More than in Spain it seems to be in Scotland - he joked - I think in the end mine is a natural progression in the world of racing, where I will have a lot to learn. Holding this position, for a company like Honda, represents a great surprise and opportunity for me, in which I will give everything ”.

For sure at HRC there is a great desire for redemption after a difficult debut…

"At the moment it is difficult to set a goal for 2021. For sure Honda's goal is to win and we are aware that we must work to get to the top step of the podium. Unfortunately, 2020 was a complicated year, in particular due to the spread of COVID which complicated our plans, especially regarding development in Japan. However, we have a strong team, as well as our two riders. I've raced with Leon in the past and there is a great relationship between us. I don't know Alvaro, but he has great potential ”.

Last season, we saw Camier alongside Davies for the Aragon weekend.

“It was interesting to work alongside Chaz. That experience allowed me to understand a lot of things, giving him various indications on what to improve and also enhance his strengths. Among other things, it was interesting to interface with him and know what the indications of the mechanics and engineers were ".

It was left to Alberto Puig to welcome Leon Camier on board…

“Alberto called me to offer me this opportunity and explain everything about this new assignment. He gave me several indications, above all to be strong, since a team manager must always be strong. Alberto has made my path and now it's my turn to start in Superbike "


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