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Fire in the world's highest motorcycle museum: 200 motorcycles burned

VIDEO - Fire broke out during the night and firefighters were unable to tame it. Opened in 2016, the museum housed 230 motorcycles and several classic cars.

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The tallest motorcycle museum in the world burned down in the night. Inaugurated in April 2016, on the road leading to the Passo del Rombo, which connects Austria with Italy, the Top Mountain X-Cross Point housed a unique collection of motorcycles at 2,175 meters above sea level. On an area of ​​3,000 square meters, more than 230 motorcycles from over a hundred different constructors were exhibited, along  with several classic cars.

The fire broke out around 4 am and, despite firefighters intervening, they were not able to prevent the flames from destroying the building (which was mainly made of wood) and its precious contents. At the moment, the causes that triggered the fire are unknown.

The museum was commissioned by Alban Scheiber, manager of the Hochgurl ski lift company, and by his brother Attila, and then inaugurated by Giacomo Agostini.

Above is a video of the fire.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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