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Pierer: “KTM’s goal for 2021 is to win the MotoGP title.”

KTM’s big boss: “Now we have a technical foundation that allows different riders to win. We've exceeded our goals in 2020.”

MotoGP: Pierer: “KTM’s goal for 2021 is to win the MotoGP title.”


This year, KTM won three races (two with Miguel Oliveria and one with Brad Binder), finishing 4th in the constructors championship (a handful of points behind Suzuki and Yamaha and ahead of Honda) and, with all of its results, in entered the ranks of best constructors, losing concessions for the first time since its entry in MotoGP.

The RC16 is a project that has reached its maturity, and top management in the Austrian company is ready to take the next step: fight for the world championship.

KTM’s CEO, Stefan Pierer, stated it in no uncertain terms in an interview with Speedweek. “In 2020, we’ve achieved and exceeded our goals. We now have a technical foundation that allows several riders to win and be in the top positions and, for the first time, it offers the best opportunities for rookies, like Binder and Lecuona have demonstrated. For next year, our goal is to fight for the world title and, if possible, win it.

Pierer is not the only one to think so. Hubert Trunkenpolz, grandson of one of the founders of KTM, wants the same thing.

I agree with Pierer. At a certain point, the title is the goal. It doesn’t matter which league we participate in. A certain point is what we want,”  he  stated. “I wouldn’t say we won’t have the chance to do that. We’re in a good position, with three riders who have won a race this season: Oliveira, Binder, and Petrucci. Miguel and Brad have been around for quite some time. If they want to win the World Championship they’ll have to do it soon, otherwise, it’ll never happen. There are some risky young riders, like Morbidelli, Quartararo, Mir, and Rins. If our two guys are in shape, I guess they’ll fight for the title. Pit Beirer also expects a lot from Petrucci.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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