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MotoGP beats football: Valentino Rossi the most loved Italian sportsman

The Doctor, despite a bleak season, is still the most followed sportsman on social media networks in front of a flood of footballers. Dovizioso a surprise in 20th place

MotoGP: MotoGP beats football: Valentino Rossi the most loved Italian sportsman

2020 was certainly not a year to remember for Valentino Rossi: only one podium, a number of mistakes and even Covid to make him miss a few races. Without fear of being proven wrong, this was the worst season in his entire career. The Doctor, however, can console himself, because the affection of his fans, despite the results, has remained unchanged and has even grown.

The Social VIP Observatory has in fact drawn up a ranking of the most followed Italian sportsmen on the various social networks and Valentino once again has no rivals. Not even football, Italy’s national sport, has managed to undermine his like-filled top slot.

If we take account of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Rossi has 28,388,642 followers, a number that gives him first place hands down. It’s as if in this difficult period of his career, the Doctor garners more likes than ever and the people continue to reward his passion that drives him to continue racing knowing full well that the best moment of his career is now over.

So Mario Balotelli has to settle for the place of honour, with almost 5 million fewer fans on social media, while 3rd place goes to a football icon like Gianluigi Buffon. In 4th and 5th place two former players like Andrea Pirlo and Alessandro del Piero and then many more players, who monopolize the ranking up to 18th place, where we find Bobo Vieri.

The 19th place goes to the basketball player Valentina Vignali, but motorcycle racing, coming on strong right at the end, enters the Top 20 for a second time thanks to Andrea Dovizioso.

Dovi, by his own admission, has never been a media personality but has nevertheless been able to enter the hearts of many fans. Adding up the various social networks, his followers number almost 3 million.


The Top Ten:

1. Valentino Rossi: 28,388,642

2. Mario Balotelli: 22,943,748

3. Gianluigi Buffon: 22.302.587

4. Andrea Pirlo: 19,495,600

5. Alessandro Del Piero: 14.549.103

6. Carlo Ancelotti: 13,000,479

7. Stephan El Shaarawy: 11,312,766

8. Giorgio Chiellini: 11.002.813

9. Claudio Marchisio: 9,806,327

10. Leonardo Bonucci: 8,852,527



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