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MotoGP, VIDEO - Riding with Valentino Rossi to discover the Ranch

We have often seen the images of the Flat Track on which the VR46 boys train, but this time Valentino has really explained all the secrets curve by curve to go to the limit

MotoGP, VIDEO - Riding with Valentino Rossi to discover the Ranch
Iscriviti al nostro canale YouTube

Valentino Rossi and the boys of the VR46 Riders Academy use a lot the Flat Track circuit of the Ranch of Tavullia and it has often been possible to see photos, videos, images with the drone and even adrenaline races like the 100 km of Champions, an event that is now becoming a classic end of season.

In this case, however, the images coming from Tavullia are really different from the usual, because to speak directly from the helmet explaining curve by curve the secrets of the track is Valentino Rossi himself who, followed by Andrea Migno on his motorcycle, faces a complete lap of the track revealing all the critical points and the little secrets to go fast.

In the background the roar of the motorcycles, while the filming was made by mounting different Go Pro both on Rossi's bike and on the one of Migno, in charge of following him closely. The result is an adrenaline-filled video, as always, that gives a good taste of the sensations experienced by the riders who face the Ranch track to train both during the racing season and during the winter break.


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