MotoGP, Marc Marquez's conditions: nothing new from Japan

VIDEO - No updates during Honda Racing Thanks Day, just a recorded greeting

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Honda Racing Thanks Day is the traditional end-of-year event that celebrates the racing season that has just ended. It usually takes place at the Motegi circuit: an eventful day, and a challenge between the Japanese factory’s 2- and 4- wheel riders. This time, it obviously couldn’t be organized due to the Covid situation, so two streaming appointments on Honda's channels were presented in its place.

This morning, it was the bikers' turn,  and everyone was really curious to know if we'd receiving updates on Marc Marquez's conditions.

But the expectations were  disappointing. Marc appeared, but only for a short video, probably recorded before his last surgery.

Unfortunately, I can't be with you this year. It was a strange season, even from a personal point of view,”  he said referring to his injury. “It's a shame. It would've been nice to be there with my brother and all the Honda riders. I'll be back next season."

So there’s no news on how his recovery is progressing. Six days ago, the last press release announced Marquez’s return home from the hospital in Madrid, then nothing more. After all, updates on the conditions of the Honda champion throughout the year were not easily divulge and, after his last surgery, there was never any talk of possible recovery times.

The situation has not changed and, in the absence of an official version, practically every hypothesis can be considered valid, regardless if it is actually valid or not.

Marc then took part in a quiz with other Honda riders, including Verstappen.

I can't live without goals to reach, When you have them, you’re motivated  to wake up every morning and reach them,”  was his most serious answer.

Then he said that he’d like to race in Misano in the opposite direction ("like they used to do") and that, if he weren’t a rider, he’d like to be "a mechanic, something always linked to motorcycling".

For more information on his health conditions, we’ll just have to wait.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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