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MotoGP, VIDEO - Marc Marquez: "Alex is not my enemy, but my biggest rival"

"This year I helped him from home, but only when he called me". Alex: "I wish Marc will be able to get back on the bike and have fun, regardless of the results"

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Marc and Alex Marquez have been comparing their season and their future in an event organized by the sponsor Estrella Galicia. It was an unusual year for the two brothers: Marc was forced to watch the races from home after his injury, while Alex tackled his MotoGP debut.

It was Alex who made the first appraisal of the season.

"There are always things to improve, but my dream was to make a podium when there was an opportunity, like at Le Mans, but the one at Aragon, in the dry, was more special - he explained - I would never have expected it if someone had told me at the beginning of the year, I would have replied that he was crazy. It was a year in which I tackled everything race by race, keeping my feet on the ground and setting realistic goals. I was a rookie, it was all new and different for me, but in the end I achieved more than I expected ”.

Marc instead experienced the season from home…

"Watching the races on TV is different, at the beginning it was very difficult - he admitted - Then you understand it, you try to collaborate with the team. I mostly talked to Alex, I tried to give him some advice when he asked me. I told him that he should call me. Then I talked to Santi about what they were testing with Stefan Bradl. It was not to completely disconnect from the world, but there was a moment when I just watched the races, I followed my brother ”.

After Aragon he posted a tweet: “Hello I'm Alex's brother”, he wrote…

"When he signed with HRC many people said they had taken him because he is 'the brother of'. Alex is there because he is a two-time world champion, in Moto3, in Moto2. Then there was a particular situation, in which Jorge Lorenzo retired, so Honda went to look for the world champion. If you ask me if he is my brother or my worst enemy, I say there are no enemies, but he is my worst rival. Honda believes in him and has always deserved it, but he is Alex Márquez and I am Marc Márquez. We are different, it is clear that we are brothers, we train together, we help each other, but on the track everyone looks after their own interests, each one works with his team and each one is in his garage ".

The two brothers then exchanged best wishes for 2021…

"What I want most for Marc is that he gets back on the bike, that he has fun again and that the agony at home is over, the agony he has inside him of not being able to enjoy himself - were Alex's words - Not only with MotoGP , but doing motocross, flat track, what I want most is for him to come back to enjoy his passion. The results will be what they will be, but I would like at least that he can stay on the bike and have fun ”.

Marc returned the wish.

"For Alex I would like him to continue with his growth – he said - Above all, that he does not get hurt, this is the most important thing to progress. In MotoGP there are always big crashes, like that of Valencia in qualifying, if you have an injury you miss a race, two, three or more. If he can get on the podium and I'll be with him, all the better. He'll be in the right team to have that progression. "

Alex then talked about his expectations for next year.

"If 2020 has taught me anything, it is that nothing is impossible - he explained - There have been many changes, many new riders on the podium. The riders I have competed with in Moto2, and with whom I have been at the same level, are achieving great results in MotoGP and this gives you motivation, nothing is impossible, and that with work everything can come. "

Work that you started this year…

"I had a B for beginner - Alex joked - It was all new for me, above all things change a lot: from how to tackle a grand prix to how to tackle the season, because when you have the pressure or experience I have to fight for the title in Moto2 and then you are a rookie, everything is different. You need to be much more mentally prepared when a weekend is more difficult for you, when things are not going well. Setting realistic goals helps you not to destroy yourself, because that's how it works. There are times when it's really hard and you think: I don't know what I'm doing, it doesn't seem like I know how to ride. But it's part of the adaptation process and the stages you have to go through when you're new to a category. "

"It was a very special year, it was my first year but I missed the people in the circuit - he continued – the MotoGP bike is a true prototype, everything changes a lot. In the end it is a bike: it has brakes, a throttle, but also many other things that can affect your riding. There is a very advanced electronics but what changes most from Moto2 is the work in the garage, off the track: all the work there, all the things you can look at and compare, there are a thousand things that can escape you, because there are a thousand details to look at ”.


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