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MotoGP, Barcelona at work: Turn 10 redesigned to increase safety

The project, carried out in collaboration with the FIM and the FIA, is aimed at increasing the space of the run-off area. The work is scheduled for January

MotoGP: Barcelona at work: Turn 10 redesigned to increase safety


The Barcelona circuit is working to improve its safety and the point affected by the changes will be at Turn 10, the Caixa, the narrow little incline at the end of a straight, which leads to the final and more driven part of the track.

That corner (just to be clear, the one where Lorenzo took out Dovizioso, Rossi and Vinales in 2019) had been criticized in the past by the riders for a run-off area deemed to be too scarce. The work, which will begin in January and will last the whole month, will modify the radius of the curve allowing more space on the outside in case of accidents.

The new project has been studied with the Motorcycling and Automobile Federations. Until now, the bikes used the classic track at that point, while Formula 1 had a more internal variant, so the new design is somewhere in between the previous two and will be used for all competitions, both 2 and 4 wheels.



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