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MotoGP, Rossi face-to-face with Marini: "The pupils can sometimes surpass the teacher"

VIDEO - DOUBLE INTERVIEW: Luca: “At the Ranch I go faster than Vale, but he is still awesome. He is Mom Stefania's favourite "

MotoGP, Rossi face-to-face with Marini: "The pupils can sometimes surpass the teacher"

Luca Marini and Valentino Rossi were the protagonists of a double interview (in pure ‘Iene TV-style’) conducted by Dainese where the two brothers harass each other with a series of questions.

The subject they mainly talked about was the Ranch, which over the years has seen a lot of riders in action preparing for the World Championship. The idea of closely following the talents of tomorrow came from Valentino: "The idea of ​​the Ranch came about in 2011 together with my father Graziano - he recalled - initially it was as a game, I didn't think I would have so much fun following the young guys, I'm very sorry about this. Being with them gives me determination, it's like recharging the batteries. All this has made me grow as a rider and as a person, also because you learn a lot from comparing yourself with the riders of the World Championship "

Having a track such as Tavullia is no small matter for a young rider: "Training at the Ranch is very useful to then prepare for the races, because on the dirt track you ride with little grip, therefore it is very important training for control of the bike and balancing the body. We go there once a week and at the end of training we look at the footage and joke with each other between us riders”.

One of the opponents he has to deal with is also his brother: "Lately Luca has been faster than me, sometimes he gets the better of me" and Marini confirmed: "I'm faster than him, but Vale is awesome".

The Doctor then admitted: "The pupils can sometimes surpass the teacher" and in his words there is also a hint of satisfaction for the work achieved with the younger guys.

The fact is that at the Ranch there are no enemies, on the contrary: "The ranch is 80% a family, while the rest is school". In recent years there has been no lack of satisfaction from #46 in seeing the new generation grow: "When Luca won in Malaysia in 2018 it was the greatest satisfaction for me for the efforts made with the Academy".

There was also a comment from Luca: “The first time I challenged Vale was perhaps at the quarry, he is my idol and at the same time my mother's favourite. Mum Stefania's main dish? Cappelletti in broth". Valentino instead has another idea: "Potatoes with chicken". 


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