Jorge Lorenzo’s name appears in a tax evasion investigation in Spain

The National High Court is investigating an offshore money-moving network with the aim of evading taxes


The name of Jorge Lorenzo has also appeared in the documentation collected by the Spanish national high court investigating an offshore network, called Red Charisma, which has allowed large amounts of money to be moved between banks in order to evade taxes.

It was the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial that cited Lorenzo's name in the investigation. The Spanish champion is reported to use a system to move his assets between Andorra, Monaco and Switzerland. According to the investigation, this would be a figure close to 850,000 euros.

During the period to which the investigation refers, Jorge had his tax domicile in London, then it was transferred to Andorra and finally to Switzerland. El Confidencial recalled how the Spanish Inland Revenue Agency had already subjected Lorenzo to tax checks in recent years, the latest case in 2019 when he was charged with 40 million euros for non-payment of taxes in Spain between 2013 and 2016.


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