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MotoGP, Quartararo confirms he’s working to have less emotion in races in 2021

The new Yamaha factory team rider: "Small differences like this can make big changes”

MotoGP: Quartararo confirms he’s working to have less emotion in races in 2021


The 2020 season certainly turned out to be a strange one for Fabio Quartararo. The French rider had started off as the possible main rival to Marquez but after the injury of the 8 times world champion and two victories in the opening GPs at Jerez he became the number 1 candidate to win the world title. Unfortunately for him and for Yamaha, however, the technical problems on the M1 and too much pressure on the Frenchman's shoulders meant that the world championship went to Hamamatsu with Suzuki and Joan Mir champions at the end of the year.

"I want to work on the emotional part … just to have less emotion," Quartararo said in an interview with "I think it will be really important for next year, also to give better comments to my crew chief, to my engineers, because when you have high emotions you just say the bike is not working and you don't know exactly which part.”

Once again, therefore, we are talking about the emotional aspect that Fabio had already expressed at the end of the season when, during the weekend at Portimao, he revealed to us that in the winter he would be working with a psychologist. In 2021 the Frenchman will be in the official Yamaha team where the responsibilities and, consequently also the pressures, will be higher.

"I already go a few times, but I will go more often because I think small differences can make big changes. On the emotions side, I'm starting to work already right now to be more calm and with less emotion as possible. So, I will go with the psychologist again and work on that part because for me to touch small details with the team will be so important."


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