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MotoGP, Alzamora: "Marquez always surprises, he will do it again this time"

Marc's manager after the operation: "The doctors are happy with the success of the operation. If everything goes well, the timing for recovery is good"

MotoGP: Alzamora:

The news of these last few hours is the operation that Marc Marquez underwent, the third after the violent crash he was involved in at Jerez. Emilio Alzamora, manager of the Honda champion, has been speaking to Spanish TV about the health condition of the Spaniard.

“We are very happy: that's what the doctors told me. He spent a good night, all this gives us peace of mind and what happened will serve as experience” were his words.

Emilio is convinced that Marquez will come out strengthened by this experience: “The important thing is that Marc recovers, he always surprises, and in these situations as a sportsman he will surprise again. I am sure that Marc will come out stronger from this third operation and give us even more enjoyment than before”.

Clearly, the manager did not want to take a position on the date of Marc's return: "Time will tell, if the operation went well, the timing will be very good".


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