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Arbolino: "The first impression on the Moto2 bike? It seems like a jet!"

"There is so much power but I was expecting a more difficult bike, instead it is very manageable. Now I have to reset my Moto3 riding style"

Moto2: Arbolino: "The first impression on the Moto2 bike? It seems like a jet!"


All you have to do is listen to Tony Arbolino's voice to understand how happy he is after trying a Moto2 bike for the first time. Yesterday at Jerez it was raining and Tony had to wait until today to get on the Kalex of the Intact GP team. He made the most of the practice session, completing 92 laps, the best of which in 1’44.130.

"We had to postpone my debut and it wasn't nice to wait, I was really looking forward to getting on the Moto2 and I was busting my balls," he confessed with a smile.

You did it today, how did it go?

"In the end it didn't go badly, the conditions were good today and the first impact was very good. I used a bike with a basic setup and I only thought about lapping, then in the end I also started testing."

Is the Moto2 bike how you imagined it?

“It has a lot of power, it seems like a jet! I'm used to training with 600s, but Moto2 is more like a 1000 for power. I would have expected a more difficult bike to ride, more rigid, but it is very manageable. But in some areas you have to be very precise, otherwise you lose a lot of time ”.

How difficult is it to adapt to the Moto2 bike?

"Coming from Moto3, there are some things that are a bit difficult to understand, you have to let it slide less in the corners and you have to get it up early in acceleration. I still don't feel it my bike, every time I get out of the pits I still ride it like in Moto2, so I have to reset. I think it will only be a matter of time, there will be a lot of tests before starting the championship and I will have the opportunity to learn. In the winter I will continue to train with the 600 and, if someone lends it to me, I will sometimes try the 1000 too".

How did you feel with your new team?

“I really like their mentality, they are very methodical, like me, and easy going. They always try to understand what is missing, even though I still have to get to know everyone well and integrate into the team ”.

Now that you've tried Moto2, are you happy you took this step?

“I'm too happy, I felt ready. I had to do it".


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